About CCH

CCH is a college built on a foundation of hands-on teaching and learning. We pride ourselves on our industry leading faculty members who are dedicated to fostering individual growth and discovery in their students. With sixty years of growth and success, we aim to continuously improve the world around us through creation and education.

Why CCH?

CCH is a college for filmmakers. With a camera in their hands, and professionals by their sides, students receive first-hand insight into the industry.


CCH has an extensive network of industry leaders dedicated to building an educational environment for the next generaton of filmmakers.


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CCH is an accredited college.

Mission & History

For 60 years CCH has been dedicated to providing its students with a challenging, hands-on learning experience.

Philosophy & Policies

At CCH we believe learning begins and ends with doing. Combining the Liberal Arts with proffessional studies, we enrich our students through the stimulation of expression.