CCH Academic Philosophy and Policies


Our Approach

At Columbia College Hollywood we believe that the more you know about the full process of creating film and digital projects, the more accomplished you will become.  Directors, writers, producers, cinematographers, art directors, editors, visual effects artists, actors, sound professionals – each and every one benefits from an understanding of all aspects of the group endeavor that is a film or a TV show.  From what is involved with writing a script to the kinds of choices a cinematographer confronts, to how actors reveal subtext, how sound and music can enliven and transform a scene, and the way images are assembled in the editing room – the best way to realize these varied elements is to do them. 

Columbia College Hollywood advocates and accomplishes hands-on learning.  When you have a camera, you learn how to use it to express a director’s vision or a cinematographer’s sense of light.  When you have a blank screen, you will it with the words, actions and ideas of your script.  At CCH, we are dedicated to nurturing your ability to express your unique voice. 

The experience at CCH fuses professional studies with liberal arts because exposure to ideas stimulates personal growth and expression.

At CCH you will study the current and the future, as well as being grounded in the awareness of what has come before.  You will discover the wide range of subjects and techniques available to you and learn to appreciate and find your place in the ongoing dialogue that is film and TV today.

CCH students are required to work on each other’s projects, supporting and challenging each other in the effort to reach ever greater heights.  This experience, along with the small class size and high level of personal attention from instructors, creates a custom-tailored college experience that is simply not possible at larger institutions.  In addition, lively interactions with instructors, most of whom are active industry professionals, and fellow students lay the groundwork for valuable networking contacts.  The College encourages the active pursuit of internships and takes pride in its strong record of industry placement.

Unleashing student potential is the principal goal at Columbia College Hollywood.  Learning filmmaking as a true language of expression takes time, patience, a rich and encouraging environment, and the freedom to experiment and take risks.  Columbia College Hollywood offers all that – and more.