About Colombia College Hollywood

Mission Statement

Columbia College Hollywood educates students in the art and science of communications and the diverse media of contemporary storytelling within an exploration of the liberal arts. Our rigorous course of study and practice prepares graduates to be analytical thinkers and effective communicators who are creative, knowledgeable, and responsible contributors to advancing a curious, thoughtful, and compassionate global community.


Columbia College Hollywood is committed to fostering a learning community that promotes creativity, innovation, and growth through education, collaboration, and a common love of the entertainment arts. We seek to provide a challenging liberal arts experience that prepares students for citizenship in the global community by providing:

• Curricula enriched with hands-on learning experiences that reflect the real world of the entertainment industry

• Project-based coursework that requires students to work in teams to learn all aspects of the filmmaking process.

• An inspiring faculty of entertainment industry professionals with the experience to help students unleash their creative potential.

• An intimate educational environment that encourages each student to take the risks necessary to develop a unique artistic vision and voice.

• Opportunities for professional access and continued learning through entertainment industry relationships to help graduates build a foundation for creative and professional success.


Columbia College Hollywood was originally established in the 1952 in the MacArthur Park neighborhood of Los Angeles as a branch campus of Columbia College in Chicago. The curriculum was designed to focus on the burgeoning television and radio industries and featured a faculty made up of working television and radio professionals. In 1959, Columbia College Hollywood separated from the Chicago institution to operate as an independent, private, nonprofit college.

During the 1960s, as the entertainment industry grew and changed, the college established a cinema department with a dual focus on film and television. To serve its expanding curricula and student population, the college moved to a new campus on Las Palmas Avenue in central Hollywood in 1970. 

In 1997, Columbia College Hollywood established its current campus in the historic, former world headquarters of Panavision, the foremost designer and manufacturer of the finest cameras and lenses for the film and television industries. The college is now centrally located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, providing students and faculty access to all major film and television studios in the Los Angeles area.

Columbia College opened its doors in the early 1950’s in the McArthur Park area of Los Angeles as the California campus of Columbia College Chicago.
In the next decade, Columbia College separated from Columbia College Chicago in order to concentrate exclusively on training students in film and television production. It relocated to Hollywood to be in the center of the entertainment industry and became known as Columbia College Hollywood.
As its student population and physical needs grew, the College moved in 1997 from Hollywood to its current location in Tarzana, a few miles north of Los Angeles. The College currently occupies the former worldwide headquarters of Panavision Cameras, the #1 manufacturer of cameras for the motion picture industry.