CCH has an extensive network of industry leaders dedicated to building an educational environment for the next generaton of filmmakers.


CCH has an organized network of administrative departments, divided and grouped to best serve the needs of our students.


Dedicated to providing students with hands-on learning, maintaining our educational integrity, and uphholding our policies, our President (Bill Smith) truly embodies all things CCH.

Board of Trustees

At CCH the Board of Trustees is made up of men and women who are committed to upholding the morals and philosophies of the college. Whether it be through legal, financial, or policy decisions, our board always has the interest of the college and its students at heart .

Guest Lecturers

While our staff is made up of industry professionals, we understand the importance of bringing in outside entertainment professionals to give students new prospectives and current insights. 

Honorary Degree Recipients

As a Film College we believe in the importance of honoring inspiring members of the industry. We have bestowed numerous "Honorary Degrees" to those we feel set a standard of excellence for our students.