Angela Tumini

Angela Tumini

Humanities & Film Instructor

Education & Background:

Angela Tumini is an Associate Professor of Film. She is the author of Il Mito nell’Anima/The Myth in the Soul, a book on Italian author Gabriele D’Annunzio, and An Unintentional Liaison: Lars von Trier and Italian Cinema and Culture. She is also the co-editor of Making Sense of Pain, an interdisciplinary volume, as well as several book chapters and articles on European Cinema, and one chapter on American Independent Film maker Michael Almereyda. 

She has taught film, literature language and culture at Endicott College (MA), the University of Mississippi and Chapman University. She also taught Film and was the Head of the Leadership and Communication Program for two years at ADA University in Baku-Azerbaijan, where she also helped to develop their international program. She received a PhD in Literature at the University of Oxford-UK in 2002,

She is a member of the Organizing Committee of the “Bridges Across Cultures” Conferences, an international and interdisciplinary event that attracts humanities and film scholars from all over the world and takes place in Italy every two years.


Courses Taught:

  • History of Critical Analysis in Cinema 1 (GH152A)
  • German Cinema ()
  • Introduction to European Cinema ()