Core Competencies

The five core competencies - written communication, oral communication, information literacy, quantitative reasoning, and critical thinking - are the critical higher-order intellectual skills for students to develop in order to be successful at school, at work, and in their private and civic lives (WASC CFR2.2a). Graduates who complete a Columbia College Hollywood degree program can demonstrate:

Written Communication
Command of written language, expressive form, structure, and rhetorical strategies for precise and persuasive written communications.

Oral Communication
Facility with oral communication to convey meaning and information, to engage in productive dialogue and debate, and to present ideas persuasively.

Information Literacy
Capacity to recognize the need for research, to locate information, to evaluate it, and to employ it effectively and ethically.

Quantitative Reasoning
Proficiency in math and statistical analysis to interpret quantitative information (Q.I.). Understanding of the power and limitations of Q.I. in real-world settings.

Critical Thinking
Command of critical thinking based in the habit of exploring ideas, issues, and evidence in formulating conclusions, responses, or plans for action.