Acting Courses

The Essential Actor’s Tool Kit 

Course Number: A121
Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisites: GH125 Introduction to Acting
An actor’s body and voice is an instrument. In this class, students will learn to tune that instrument using exercises and methods to prepare for what happens when the camera rolls or the curtain goes up.  

Stage Craft

Course Number: A122
Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisites: GH125 Introduction to Acting, F101 Principles of Production
Even if you have a barn, a stage, and audience and a "Let’s put on a show!” attitude, there is a lot more that makes a stage or film production than merely words on a page and an actor to electrify an audience with them. This course offers valuable lessons on the key areas of costuming, stage make up, and set and lighting design.  

No Business Like Show Business

Course Number: A151
Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisites: GH125 Introduction to Acting
Delves deeply into the business side of acting, how the actor builds a team of representatives, including agent, manager, attorney, business manager, and publicist, and how the actor navigates career responsibilities that happen off camera and off stage.  

Script Analysis for Performers

Course Number: A155
Credit Hours: 4

Prerequisites: GH125 Introduction to Acting, GH155 Script Analysis 1
By reading a play or screenplay each week, actors extend their ability to understand text and bring that understanding to performance. Students will delve deeply into understanding the beats of a play, the intent of each line, the event of the scenes, the objective, and the characters that inhabit the environment. This is a lecture course, not a performance course.  

Sitcoms & Sketches: Acting for Multi-Camera

Course Number: A192
Credit Hours: 4

Prerequisites: All Core Tier 1
Students will develop an understanding of the unique requirements for performing sit-com and sketch comedy for a live audience on a multi-camera set. The class will use successful sitcom scripts to teach the actor how to make specific choices about character, pace, and timing to nail the comedy and rhythm of a script. The role of improvisation in sketch comedy and comic acting in general will also be explored.  

TV Commercial Acting: Selling the Product

Course Number: A208
Credit Hours: 4

Prerequisites: All Core Tier 1
A successful commercial actor can net a sizable income and lot of positive industry exposure. Learn your type and how to sell it, learn how to be in a casting room with casting associates and, later, in a call-back with agency executives who can give you the job. Coursework will cover the fundamentals of slating, analyzing story boards, reading from cue cards, and improvising scenes for auditions. Students will have ample on-camera time to see what actually works in a commercial performance.  

Voice Accents 

Course Number: A221
Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisites: A121 The Essential Actor’s Tool Kit
Students train their ears and vocal instruments to do accents. A performance of their work is recorded by a sound class.  

Cold Reading: The Realities of TV Acting

Course Number: A231
Credit Hours: 4

One of an actor's greatest challenges - or obstacles - is to be presented with material and told to audition or perform with no real opportunity to prepare. This course gives students a chance to face and get ready for what is a common practice, particularly in television and TV commercials. 

Acting for Emerging Media

Course Number: A257
Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisites: All Core Tier 1
This course explores the way emerging media can serve as creative playground for performer specific works and the freedom the medium can offer an actor. It also focuses on the collaborative possibilities that can be fostered through online digital platforms.  

Voice Acting 

Course Number: A268
Credit Hours: 4

Prerequisites: All Core Tier 1
Learn how to set up a home studio within any budget and how to use voice over software to record auditions. Understand the difference between voice acting techniques for animation, audio books, video games, and commercial copy. Explore the range of your actor’s voice and what that means when creating a voiceover demo.  

Performance Art 

Course Number: A279
Credit Hours: 4

Prerequisites: GH226 Advanced Acting Workshop, F102 Cinematography 1, F105 Visual Design, F141 Production Sound, F122A Editing Theory & Practice
Students create performance art pieces that can be multimedia productions. These will be performed for Columbia College Hollywood and the greater community.  

Acting for Multi-Camera: Performance

Course Number: A292
Credit Hours: 4

Prerequisites: All Core Tier 1
Acting for multi-camera may be one of the most difficult acting techniques to master. A multi-cam show requires the ability to memorize scripts as written and deliver lines at rapid fire pace. It also requires the actor to be able to change line readings and learn new dialogue in a very short time. Mastering some of the techniques required for this discipline will enhance an actor’s ability to effectively perform any material that is given to them.  

Acting Troupe

Course Number: A301
Credit Hours: 4

Prerequisites: GH226 Advanced Acting Workshop
Students will develop and rehearse a play or thematic series of one act plays to be performed at local venues such as schools and retirement communities.  

Me & More: The One Person Show

Course Number: A311
Credit Hours: 4

Prerequisites: F150 Screenwriting, GH226 Advanced Acting Workshop, GH326 Comedy Improvisation
Students create single-performer autobiographical pieces to be performed for the college and greater community.  

Comedy Improvisation: Performance

Course Number: A327
Credit Hours: 4

Prerequisites: GH326 Comedy Improvisation
Under the supervision of an instructor, students will form a comedy improvisation group. After advanced lessons, students take to the stage to learn what can only be absorbed from performing in front of a live audience.  

Great Film Acting: From Audition to Work Process to Results

Course Number: A401
Credit Hours: 4

Prerequisites: GH226 Advanced Acting Workshop
A roll-up-the-sleeves approach to acting, from analyzing sides to selling a performance in casting, to settling on what can be accomplished when the camera is rolling in an environment that includes stops and starts. Coursework will include shooting key scenes and moments in pieces, different camera angles, and out of sequence, listening to other actors and the director, and the host of other challenges that manifest in film, television, and digital media productions.  

Master Scene Study

Course Number: A490
Credit Hours: 4

Prerequisites: GH227 Acting: Advanced Technique
An advanced scene class geared toward working through acting problems rather than a final performance. This is a class in which failing is often succeeding. 


The Screen Actor's Guild (SAG-AFTRA) represents approximately 160,000 actors and other media professionals. SAG partners with Columbia College Hollywood to provide union-related information to Columbia College Hollywood students.