Additional Courses

Art Direction (Production Design)

F132 (4 credit hours)
Prerequisite: F105 Visual Design
A practical introduction to the profession of production design, with an emphasis on communicating ideas This course introduces the fundamentals of art direction. Class discussions lay out the duties and responsibilities of the art director, producer, and construction personnel. By the end of the class, students will be able to break down scripts, present set design concepts, and draw up a set that can be built by the construction coordinator. 

Principles of Production

F101 (4 credit hours)
Pre-requisites: None
Designed to give the new film student a comprehensive grounding in the filmmaking process. Through hands-on learning, demonstration, and lectures, students will learn the fundamentals of directing, screenwriting, camera operation and lighting, editing, sound, and art direction. Students will also learn vital safety rules and regulations as they pertain to any set and, in particular, at Columbia College Hollywood. Each student will be expected to write, direct, and shoot at least one short project and crew and/or act in those of others. In doing so, the students participate in the group endeavor that is an integral part of professional filmmaking.

Production Workshop 1 (Senior Year)

F135 (8 credit hours) 
Production Workshop is a multi-quarter series of courses designed with the goal of producing, developing, writing, directing, shooting, and editing a narrative or documentary short or feature-length film. Faculty involvement is geared towards providing supervision, guidance, and counsel. Students are also encouraged to submit resulting projects to film festivals. Students crew for each other and also receive advanced instruction in their areas of emphasis. Additionally, there are numerous speakers from the wide array of entertainment industry disciplines. Production Workshop 1 is focused on pre-production.  

Production Workshop 2 & 3 (Senior Year)

F235 & F335 (8 credit hours each) 
Prerequisite: F135 Production Workshop 1
Production Workshop 1 is designed to develop a student’s thesis project. In F235 Production Workshop 2, and subsequently in F335 Production Workshop 3, the student will shoot and complete post production on that project or fulfill a key role – directing, producing, writing, cinematography, editing, or art direction – on the final project of another student. Although instructors are continuously available as counsel and sign-off on projects, students may shoot the thesis project without instructor supervision after having grown sufficiently as filmmakers to stand on their own. Writing emphasis students may choose to complete a feature film script or TV pilot as their thesis.

Prop Design & Rendering

F243 (4 credit hours)
Prerequisite: GH135 Drawing
Say you have a science fiction film with objects that cannot be purchased at the second-hand store. What do you do? Or your script calls for a Maltese Falcon and you cannot find one anywhere. Make the props yourself. This course shows you how to create props that work artistically with the script by blueprinting the concept and rendering the model. 

Set Design: From Models to Flats

F123 (4 credit hours)
Prerequisite: F101 Principles of Production
Fee: $55 for materials
Forming the environment that will speak properly to the piece is a key element in the entire canvas of film and TV production. Students will conceive and design sets then work as a unit to actually create a one of those designs potentially for ongoing use.