Graphics & Animation Courses

Advanced 3D Animation (Maya)

F321 (4 credit hours)
Prerequisite: F146 Introduction to 3D Animation
A course that allows the student to continue the mastering of the Maya software learned in Intro to 3-D Animation.  Students will create their own animated short film. 

After Effects

F175 (4 credit hours)
Prerequisite: GH145 Digital Graphics 1: Photoshop
Students learn this powerful application used to create motion graphics and visual effects for film and video. The course employs text and object animations, compositing videos and images, and adding audio and effects.

Developing Animation: From Concept to Sale

F358 (4 credit hours) 
Prerequisite: GH155 Script Analysis 1, F150 Screenwriting 1
Developing an animated project -- whether for the big screen, small screen, or smallest screen -- is far different than developing a live action project. The characters and visual design come before the narrative. In this course students will move through the process of creating an animated project prior to actual production.

Digital Graphics 1: Photoshop

GH145 (4 credit hours) 
Prerequisite: None
Hands-on training in the use of computer hardware and software to create digital graphics, starting with the basics and introducing Photoshop and other programs. Develops familiarity with the computer graphics tools necessary to create individual design projects.

Digital Graphics 2: Illustrator & Flash

GH245 (4 credit hours)
Prerequisite: GH145 Digital Graphics 1: Photoshop
A Photoshop-focused class with an introduction to FLASH and Illustrator through which students learn advanced techniques covering a diverse range of artistic processes, from retouching and compositing to advanced type manipulation, professional color and contrast correction, and page layout. Emphasis on individual creativity, mastery of computer design skills, and development of intuitive understanding through the creation of individual design projects.

Introduction to 3D Animation

F146 (4 credit hours) 
Prerequisite: F122A Editing Theory & Practice
Students will be taught the fundamentals of animation and how to apply them to 3D animation using the Maya software. The course is presented through lectures, instruction, demonstration, videos, class participation, in-class coursework, and take-home projects.

Motion & Compressor

F218A (4 credit hours)
Prerequisite: F122A Editing Theory & Practice Lab
Students learn two software programs, Motion and Compressor, through a project-based lab that includes building screen credit hours.


F494 (4 credit hours)
Prerequisite: F122A Editing Theory & Practice
Introductory instruction to NUKE, the powerful, industry-standard VFX software program for creating visual effects for film & television. The course employs compositing footage, images, CG elements, motion tracking, 3D match moving, planar tracking, camera projection, color correction, rotoscoping, painting, and color keying.

Video Game Design: Part I: Development
Video Game Design: Part II: Execution

M300 (4 credit hours), M301 (4 credit hours) 
Prerequisite: F150 Screenwriting 1, GH155 Script Analysis 1, F122A Editing Theory & Practice
Video Games are a major part of entertainment today. Through this two-quarter class you will develop and execute a video game of your creation and design using the Unity 3D software.

Writing for Animation

F354 (4 credit hours) 
Prerequisite: F150 Screenwriting 1
Writing for animated TV programs, features and other media has different rigors and aesthetic demands than writing for live action. This course will be an introduction to this genre of writing, and also explore how to develop and sell an animated TV show.