BFA Cinema Emphases

Film, television, and digital storytelling are by nature highly collaborative fields. Most of the entertainment media we enjoy is the product of a group of artists and technicians all contributing unique knowledge, skills, and talents in their special areas of expertise.

As a student in our BFA Cinema program, while you're getting hands-on, real world experience in every aspect of the content creation and production process, you'll also be delving more deeply into one area of emphasis.

Choosing an area of emphasis allows you to customize your degree program to focus on the discipline that interests you most. 

To complete your degree program, you'll take required core courses that build a foundation of knowledge and skill with the filmmaking process. Core courses are organized in Tiers. Tier 1 courses give you knowledge, experience, and skills that form the foundation for Tier 2 courses. Tier 3 courses provide advanced studies during your junior and senior years.

In addition to your core requirements, you'll also take specific courses to fulfill the requirements of your area of emphasis. Then, you can personalize your program even more by choosing from a wide variety of elective courses in both liberal arts and creative media.

Please refer to the current General Catalog for more information.


The Acting emphasis is an eclectic program that immerses you in the fundamentals of movement, voice, character, and script interpretation while providing the advanced knowledge, skills, and techniques you'll need to successfully work on both sides of the camera.


The Cinematography emphasis offers you the opportunity to go through college with a camera in your hand. You'll learn from accomplished professional cinematographers while you work closely and collaboratively with other students who are aspiring directors, writers, and actors.


The Directing emphasis gives you a comprehensive and incredibly practical education in the art, craft, and business of the most central role in filmmaking and content creation. You'll take cross-disciplinary courses to understand and experience all aspects of the production process.

Editing + VFX

The Editing + VFX emphasis immerses you in the art, science, and technology you'll use in the real world. You'll work with industry standard equipment and software to edit video & sound and create visual effects.

New Media

The New Media emphasis gives you the opportunity to master content creation for the wide-open, global world of digital and interactive platforms.


The Producing emphasis gives you in-depth knowledge and the essential skills you'll need to pitch, sell, negotiate, and shepherd projects from idea to finished production to distribution on a multitude of entertainment media platforms.


The Sound emphasis begins with on-set and on-location recording and takes you through the post production processes of sound design, editing, and mixing using industry-standard equipment and professional software.


The Writing emphasis prepares you to produce professional quality scripts with the tools, techniques, and skills used by accomplished professional screenwriters, showrunners, and TV staff writers. You'll prepare for the real world of the entertainment industry while you explore and nurture your unique voice and vision.


Do you have questions about one of our emphases? Visit our FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions we receive from our incoming students!