In order to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, all incoming students are required to choose both a major (Cinema or combined Cinema &Television) and a specific Emphasis within that major by the time they reach Junior level status.  Transfer students entering with Junior level status must choose an Emphasis immediately.

To fulfill this requirement, Columbia College Hollywood created a course of study for each Emphasis including both mandatory courses towards fulfilling this degree requirement and elective courses. Students must take all mandatory courses within their chosen discipline and must take the indicated number of electives.

Of course, this does not preclude the student from taking multiple courses in other Emphases. In your course program there are ample “open electives” giving you much opportunity to take classes in every discipline. For example, if your Emphasis is producing, but you also want the feel of a camera in your hand, you’ll be able to take many cinematography courses. If you plan to direct and write, you can emphasize one but still take a range of courses in the other.

All students must take all core classes – Tier 1, 2, and 3 – in order to earn a degree, and all necessary pre-requisite classes in order to enroll in courses designated as Emphasis courses.

Not all Emphasis classes are offered each quarter. It is suggested that you familiarize yourself with the long-term schedule. Your academic advisor or the faculty advisors are available to help you plan your long-term course strategy.

Please refer to the current General Catalog for more information.


Provides the fundamental bases of movement, voice, building a character, and interpretation of the intent of the line, event of the scene and objective of the piece.


Students learn the basic skills and rules necessary to produce a crafted film/digital image to help a director tell a story.


Students learn to control a film's artisitc and dramatic aspects through script visualization.

Editing & Visual Effects

Students will learn to use industry standard equipment to edit video & sound and create visual effects.

New Media

The program teaches students the basics of creating media like: webisodes, websites, video games and apps.


Students learn the skills necessary to oversee and run a professional film/digital set.


The program focuses on the complexities of production sound, but focuses extensively on post production sound design using Pro Tools.


Provides students the skills to develop and write a professional screenplay, as well as a forum in which to explore and nurture their talent and creativity.