Producers see it all. They understand that creating isn’t always easy. Ideas can’t come to life if they are barred by inadequate funds, improper settings, and legal rights. Producers keep their heads out of the clouds long enough to see the real world barriers that can keep a project on the ground for good. When you choose the Producing emphasis, you'll learn how to become both a key component of the filmmaking process and essential to the disciplines of project development and distribution. You'll explore film from an in-depth business perspective, clearing the way for creative freedom.

What You'll Learn:

When you graduate with a Producing emphasis, you'll be equipped to:

  • Use the terminology and practices of the film, TV and emerging media industries
  • Navigate through those industries
  • Communicate with department heads and crew and be a strong producer whose can articulate a vision
  • Budget a feature film or TV project
  • Run a film and TV set
  • Identify potential legal issues related to film and TV production and distribution
  • Option material for potential visual execution
  • Pitch a property for potential visual execution
  • Critically analyze and assess properties for their literary value
  • Market, publicize, and promote a project in the entertainment industries 

If you're working toward a BFA Cinema-Television degree, you'll also be able to:

  • Demonstrate an ability to produce a weekly multi-camera TV series
  • Lead a team through a multi-camera production.


Courses You'll Take:

Practice Like a Professional

If you want to be a professional you have to practice with professional grade equipment. At Columbia College Hollywood, we have it all. From our professional soundstages to the most current, industry-standard equipment, you’ll have everything you need to succeed.

What Our Students Have Produced

Interested in what you might create? Columbia College Hollywood students have countless opportunities to show their skills. Check out some of their work below. 

Turn Your Passion Into a Career

Technical Skill + Business Know-How + A Crazy Creative Mind = One Good Looking Future. We want to help you turn your passion for producing into more than just a hobby.  We want you to live it day in and day out. Because doing what you love isn’t a want, it’s a necessity.

Career Opportunities:

  • Accounting Assistant
  • Agency Assistant
  • Assistant to Producer
  • Associate Producer
  • Casting Coordinator
  • Casting Director Assistant
  • Celebrity Booker
  • Consulting Producer
  • Distributor
  • Executive Producer
  • Line Producer
  • Marketing Executive
  • News Producer
  • PA - Office
  • Production Accountant
  • Show Runner
  • Story Producer
  • Television Producer
  • Unit Manager

Who You’ll Learn From

Columbia College Hollywood was built by the industry for the industry. That's why we hire industry professionals to teach you everything you need to know. Take a look at who might be teaching you.

Keith Coene Keith Coene Keith Coene has worked as a producer for major networks such as ABC, TLC, and the History Channel.
Gordon Firemark Gordon Firemark Gordon Firemark is an accomplished entertainment lawyer with 30+ years of experience who knows all of the ins and outs of industry law.

What It’ll Cost

We know earning a college degree is no small investment. Take a look at our tuition, financial aid options, and scholarship opportunities. We are committed to helping you get on a path to success.

Full-Time Part-Time
Annual Tuition $24,000.00 $12,000.00
Production Insurance and Student Accident Insurance $495.00 $495.00
Total Annual Tuition and Fees $24,495.00 $12,495.00