Sound designers, editors, and re-recording engineers are too often the unsung heroes of film. Crafting the soundtrack for films, from the accompanying boom of an explosion to the slight creak of a floorboard or the swell of an orchestra during a dramatic moment, sound engineers, designers, and mixers have the unique task of using sound to add the emotional impact to a visual form of entertainment. When you choose the Sound emphasis, you'll collaborate with your classmates to develop and produce original student films, using professional, industry-standard sound recording, production, design, and mixing equipment, techniques, and processes.

What You'll Learn:

When you graduate with a Sound emphasis, you'll be equipped to:

  • Use the terminology and practices of film, TV, and new media industries
  • Use ProTools to accomplish post production sound and music
  • Assess the sound dynamics and needs of a production location while demonstrating how to get quality sound during principal photography
  • Demonstrate how to get a quality recording of ADR and foley in a recording studio
  • Budget the required production and post production sound and work within the specified allowance
  • Accomplish proficient sound design
  • Create dynamic sound effects that seem entirely natural to the audience
  • Work effectively with producers, directors and other creative voices on a project 
  • Understand how music is used and place it as an element of the scene
  • Ensure the final sound mix of a film, television or related project

If you're working toward a BFA Cinema-Television degree, you'll also be able to: 

  • Capture sound as the fast pace of TV production often requires.
  • Create sound as a believable and foundational element for non-live-action.

Courses You'll Take:

BFA Cinema
BFA Cinema-Television


If you're in the BFA Cinema program with a Sound Emphasis, you must take the following courses:


You must also take three (3) of the following electives:

  • Sound Mixing
  • The Art of Noise
  • Dialogue and ADR Editing
  • Art of Media Music
  • Film Music History


If you're in the BFA Cinema-Television program with a Sound Emphasis, you must take these six (6) courses:


You must also take three (3) courses from BFA Cinema list of electives PLUS one (1) additional elective from the following courses:

Practice Like a Professional

If you want to be a professional you have to practice with professional grade equipment. At Columbia College Hollywood, we have it all. From our professional soundstages to the most current, industry-standard equipment, you’ll have everything you need to succeed.

What Our Students Have Produced

Interested in what you might create? Columbia College Hollywood students have countless opportunities to show their skills. Check out some of their work below. 

Turn Your Passion Into a Career

Technical Skill + Business Know-How + A Crazy Creative Mind = One Good Looking Future. We want to help you turn passion for sound into more than just a hobby. We want you to live it day in and day out. Because doing what you love isn’t a want, it’s a necessity.

Career Opportunities:

  • ADR Recordist
  • Audio Recordist
  • Audio Visual Technician
  • Boom Operator
  • Foley Artist
  • Production Sound Mixer
  • Re-Recording Mixer
  • Sound Assistant
  • Sound Designer
  • Sound Recordist

Who You’ll Learn From

Columbia College Hollywood was built by the industry for the industry. That is why we hire industry professionals to teach you everything you need to know. Take a look at who might be teaching you.

James Evans James Evans James Evans is an award-winning writer and director in both theater and film with extensive knowledge of film and the industries that surround it.
Emily Frydrych Emily Frydrych Emily Frydrych is an accomplished international counselor with 10+ years of experience.

What It’ll Cost

We know earning a college degree is no small investment. Take a look at our tuition, financial aid options, and scholarship opportunities. We are committed to helping you get on a path to success.

Full-Time Part-Time
Annual Tuition $24,000.00 $12,000.00
Production Insurance and Student Accident Insurance $495.00 $495.00
Total Annual Tuition and Fees $24,495.00 $12,495.00