BFA in Cinema

Every film tells a story, and every individual who works to create that film is a storyteller. Some tell the story physically, some with words, cameras, light, or sound. Writers, directors, actors, cinematographers, editors, sound designer, and visual effects artists work collaboratively to communicate, articulate, inspire, educate, illuminate, and entertain through visual storytelling.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema gives you the unique experience of taking on the entire filmmaking process. Our cross-disciplinary program immerses you in the technical, creative, and business aspects of visual storytelling and content creation in the context of the theory, history, and philosophy you’ll need to build your future in the world of entertainment and creative media.

From day one, you learn by doing, working on practical, project-based courses taught by an accomplished faculty of industry professionals. Our mission is to equip you with career-ready, working knowledge of the tools, techniques, and collaborative workflow used in professional film development, production, and post-production.

Our liberal arts foundation exposes you to the wider world of thought and ideas that enable critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and the ability to communicate your ideas and opinions effectively.

You’ll also customize your degree program by choosing an area of emphasis that focuses your studies on your personal creative and career goals. Emphasis choices are Acting, Cinematography, Directing, Editing + VFX, New Media, Producing, Sound, or Writing.

Choose Your Emphasis

Students pursuing a BFA in Cinema choose to focus their studies on one area of emphasis.

Program Learning Outcomes

BFA Cinema graduates are equipped to demonstrate: