Student Work

At Columbia College Hollywood we’re proud that every student gets multiple chances to shoot films and other projects as they progress towards earning their degree. We believe that shooting a film is a requirement not a privilege. Most students shoot several short films prior to shooting a thesis film as their culmination project towards their BFA degree. Unlike other film schools, CCH does not limit the number of films you can make each year.

Our students send their films to many U.S. and international film festivals, frequently winning awards. Also, each year ten of the best short films made at the College are also presented to the entertainment industry at our own CCH Film Festival for the Entertainment Industry.

Here are three short films produced and directed by our students, along with a compilation reel of images of various student films made over the last few years. We hope you enjoy what you see.

A young woman in a soiled, ragged dress seems to be living alone in the woods. When she reaches out to a passing motorist for help  she puts them both at risk in a shocking and mysterious climax.  Running Time: 8 minutes 27 seconds

Clara (Emily Sandack), a suburban housewife stuck in conventionality stumbles upon hints that her beloved husband, William (Jerry Prell) has been cheating on her. Transfixed in her domestic situation, Clara re-discovers herself while baking an elegant cake for William. Running time 7 min 38 sec.

A story about a World War II Japanese fighter pilot who is asked to fly a suicide mission and the story of the wife of an American engineer working in Iraq in 2007 are intercut in this stirring drama about love, loss and survival. Running time 15 min 45 sec.

63 Years Of Imagination