Student Achievement

Columbia College Hollywood tracks retention and graduation rates of students. The tracking is based on specific criteria that is standard across all college and universities.

Retention rates are based on first-year student cohorts measured year over year.

Graduation rate is based on the percentage of students that have graduated within 4 years of their initial start date. Students that complete their degree requirements within a time frame that exceeds 4 years are not included in this measurement.

Download Graduation and Retention Rates

Columbia College Hollywood assesses student learning on an ongoing quarterly basis. A systematic process is used to evaluate student work in order to understand and improve student learning. Faculty committees evaluate student work to understand the level that students are learning content, competencies and concepts based on the stated program learning outcomes and the general education learning outcomes for each discipline. We assess student work throughout the curriculum and most importantly, at (or near) graduation to provide information to make evidence-based decisions for continuous improvement of the college.

Download General Education Learning Outcomes Assessment Data & Summary

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