Columbia College Hollywood offers a first-rate peer tutoring/mentoring program for students who request it.  If you feel you need help in a particular class, the College will match you with a highly qualified student tutor who will work with you. 

If you want tutoring – or are even thinking about it – you have several options.  You can speak with your instructor, who can arrange the tutoring, or you can contact the Associate Dean, Academic Affairs.  Any of these individuals can facilitate getting you academic assistance right away.

Word To The Wise:  It is best not to wait until you are in academic trouble before securing a tutor.  Ask for a tutor as soon as you think you might need one.  You can even ask for one before the first class session.

Tutoring is included in the cost of your tuition.

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Trawana Logan
Student Services Coordinator 
(818) 401-1292 (Direct)
(818) 345-8153 (Fax)