Cost of Attendance

No question about it, a college education is a big investment. And because it’s an investment in your future, you should carefully assess the value that Columbia College Hollywood can offer you. Why is CCH a great investment?

1. Our faculty of working entertainment professionals, including Emmy and Academy Award winners, will connect you first-hand with the craft and business of the entertainment industry.

2. We have a dual mission - to prepare artists with technical proficiency, and prepare technicans who are also artists. This dual mission is key to our sucess in securing internships and post-graduate employment for our students.

3. Where else to pursue a career in entertainment but in the center of the entertainment industry? Our employment partners include the major film studios Fox, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., Disney, and Paramount Pictures; the major TV networks NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox; cable networks, production companies and other entertainment entities.

4. We offer you the benefits of a small private college - personal attention and a close campus community - just minutes from the heart of Los Angeles.

5. Our goal is to make a CCH education affordable by offering a comprehensive financial aid program so that almost NO student pays the full cost of attendance.

Fincial Aid rarely covers the total cost of college, which include both direct costs of attendance (tuition and fees) but also indirect costs such as living expenses, transportation, books and supplies. Our goal is to make Columbia College Hollywood affordable by offering a comprehensive financial aid program so that almost NO student every pays the full cost of attendance. Last year, we provided some form of aid to more than 80% of our students, totaling over $5 million dollars. The College welcomes students from a wide range of economic backgrounds, with annual family incomes ranging from less than $25,000 to more than $500,000.

We use a standard budget for financial aid purposes to ensure equitable distribution of resources. Some students will spend more than our estimates, and others will spend much less. The COA budget also serves as a ceiling on the amount of financial aid you can receive including grants, scholarshps and loans. Students and families may not borrow or receive funds in excess of their academic year budget. In determining how much you may borrow in a private alternative loan, please subtract any other financial aid/loans that are already included in your award letter. The projected annual cost of attendance (three quarters of 12 – 16 units per quarter) at Columbia College Hollywood consists of a combination of academic expenses and living expenses. Again, keep in mind that the living expense estimate is just that, an estimate. Live with Mom and Dad, or Aunt Susan, and your living expense estimate will be much less.

We recommend that new students and parents use our New Student Estimated Billing Worksheet as a tool in order to determine the out-of-pocket costs you might incur to attend CCH.

Columbia College Hollywood
2017/2018 Academic Year Budget


Commuter Budget

Non-Commuter Budget

Academic Expenses:










Estimated Living Expenses:

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Estimated Cost Of Attendance:
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Net Price Calculator

New Student Estimated Billing Worksheet