Principles of Production Bootcamp

One of the first required courses you'll take as a Columbia College Hollywood student is F101 Principles of Production (PoP). 

F101 Principles of Production is designed to give you a comprehensive grounding in the filmmaking process. Through hands-on learning, demonstration, and lectures, you'll learn the fundamentals of directing, screenwriting, camera operation and lighting, editing, sound, and art direction. You'll also learn vital safety rules and regulations as they pertain to any set and, in particular, at Columbia College Hollywood. During the 11-week course, you'll be expected to write, direct, and shoot at least one short project and crew and/or act in those of others to participate in the group endeavor that is an integral part of professional filmmaking.

Register for the Principles of Production Bootcamp

As an Admitted Student, during the Saturday Open House prior to your start date, you can participate in a Principles of Production Bootcamp to help you become more familiar with the requirements of PoP and how to navigate the course. 

Principles of Production Bootcamp focuses on:

Space is limited and this bootcamp is very popular, so be sure to RSVP by the posted deadline.