Programs of Study

Columbia College Hollywood is a four-year, baccalaureate degree-granting institution that offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema-Television, and a two-year Associate of Fine Arts in Cinema-Television. 

Program Breakdown in Credit Units & Program Length

Program of Study

Credit Hours Required

Average Length of Program

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema


45 months

Bachelor of Fine Arts In Cinema-Television


45 months

Associate of Fine Arts In Cinema-Television


21 months

Average Length of Program

Assuming that you successfully complete 16 credit hours per quarter, you can earn your BFA degree in 4 years or your AFA degree in 2 years. However, if you attend full-time year-round, including Summer Quarter, or successfully complete more credit hours per quarter, it is possible to complete your degree program in a shorter length of time. 

BFA Class Standing by Credit Hours


0-47 credit hours


48-95 credit hours


96-143 credit hours


144+ credit hours


192 credit hours

Full-time vs. Part-time Studies

Students taking 12 or more credit hours per quarter are considered full-time students. Students taking fewer than 12 credit hours of study per quarter are considered part-time students. Students who maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.0 or higher may, with permission of an academic advisor, take up to 20 credit hours of study per quarter. All international students must be full-time students.