International Students

In addition to the General Admissions Requirements, the following additional requirements are for students applying from outside the United States:

1. All transcripts must be submitted in English. If your transcripts are not in English, they must be translated by an educational credentialing service.

2. Students must submit a statement of financial support, also called a Sponsor Affidavit Form, to the Admissions Office. The statement must show that you are fully supported and able to pay school fees and living expenses for a complete academic year by funds from outside the U.S. You must secure scholarship funds, if necessary, before leaving your native country. Financial aid is not available from either the U.S. government or the government of any state including the State of California.

3. Students must enroll for three consecutive quarters before taking a quarter off, and they must enroll full-time, taking at least 12 credits in each quarter.

4. Students may not be employed off-campus without written approval by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Office.

English Proficiency

We also require all applicants whose native language is not English to adequately demonstrate English competency as a part of the application process. Students may demonstrate competency by taking either the TOEFL exam (administered by the Educational Testing Service) or the IELTS exam (administered by the International English Language Testing System). The minimum test scores required for admission are as follows:

TOEFL: 550 for the standard test, 213 for the computerized test and 80 for the internet based exam. The CCH Institution Code is 7213.

IELTS: Overall band score of 6.5 or higher (Institution Code not required). To order official IELTS scores please contact the test center directly where you took the IELTS test and request that your official test results be sent directly to us. We do not accept unofficial test results, faxed test results or results submitted with your application for admission. Test results should be sent to:

Columbia College Hollywood
Admissions Department
18618 Oxnard St.
Los Angeles, California USA 91356

When recruitment leading to enrollment is conducted in a language other than English, our Enrollment Agreement, Consumer Disclosures and other important statements will be made available to students in their native language.

American English College

The American English College is an accredited ESL college that offers courses to improve your English speaking and language skills. To learn more about AEC and to review their start dates and tuition and housing fees, please visit

To apply for admission to American English College, you can apply for admission to AEC using the link on this page.  Once you complete your application, you must pay a $180.00 application fee and a $60.00 fee for the mailing of your documents such as your I-20, for a total of $240.00.  You can pay those fees by clicking below.

English Proficiency Waiver

Some international students may qualify for a full or temporary waiver of our English language proficiency requirements. Students who fall into category 1 or category 2 below are not required to take either the TOEFL or IELTS exam.

  1. Your native language is English.

  2. You have completed secondary or post-secondary education in the United States, Canada or other English-speaking countries as specified by the Columbia College Hollywood Office of Admissions and have provided educational transcripts.

Columbia College Hollywood will send you a Certification of Eligibility for Student Visa (I-20 AB) when the following process is complete:

  1. Submit the Application for I-20

  2. We have sent you an official letter of acceptance

  3. We have received an advance payment of one quarter’s tuition in the amount of $8,000.00 (effective Fall 2017), production insurance of $165.00, for a grand total of $8,165.00.  If you will be residing in CCH housing, the amount will be increased by your housing fees.

To request an application be mailed to you, please click here.


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