Transfer Students

CCH-TransferColumbia College Hollywood values the college-level course work taken by students at institutions of higher education throughout the world.  Students are invited to submit official transcripts from other accredited institutions for transfer credit evaluation.

Transfer students seeking a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree can transfer in a maximum of 96 credit units from other accredited institutions.  Additionally, for students seeking a BFA degree, a maximum of 48 credit units transferred in may be in Liberal Arts (General Education).   Transfer students seeking an Associate of Fine Arts degree can transfer in a maximum of 48 credit units. The maximum number of credits transferred in equates to one-half of your degree requirement.

All courses accepted for transfer must be successfully completed with a minimum grade of “C,” or a minimum 2.0 on a 4.0 grading scale.  If the prior institution does not use a letter-grading method (e.g,. High Honors/Honors/Pass/Fail), a special assessment of your transcript will be made.

Credit Conversions

CCH operates under a quarter-hour credit system and most courses require 4 credit hours for successful completion. A conversion must be made when transferring credit from a university using a semester-hour credit system based on the following scale: 

  • 1 Semester-Hour Credit = 1.5 CCH Quarter-Hour Credits
  • 1.5 Semester-Hour Credits = 2.25 CCH Quarter-Hour Credits
  • 2 Semester-Hour Credits = 3.0 CCH Quarter-Hour Credits
  • 3 Semester-Hour Credits = 4.5 CCH Quarter-Hour Credits

If a student transfers in less than 4 units toward a CCH course, the student may be required to take a CCH comparative course in order to receive full credit for the course.

Transfer students seeking admission to CCH should submit all of their official transcripts to the Office of Admissions before matriculating. CCH will accept applicable transfer credit for work done before matriculation up through a student’s entering term to the college. After matriculation, CCH will transfer in no more than two (2) courses taken at another college during your matriculation at CCH.  If you plan to ask for transfer credit for a course taken at another college after matriculation, you must have approval from the Office of the Registrar in advance of enrolling in the course.

The Office of the Registrar evaluates all transfer credit for Columbia College Hollywood, and the Dean of the College applies Cinema/TV courses to appropriate CCH courses. Following a transfer credit evaluation, students receive a Transfer Equivalency Report indicating which courses transferred and how those courses will apply toward graduation.

Transfer Agreements/Templates

Columbia College Hollywood has formal transfer agreements with the Beijing Film Academy and with The Los Angeles Film School that allows for a seamless transfer of credits from those insitutions to Columbia College Hollywood.  We have also prepared unofficial transfer templates for other institutions that show which comparative courses taken at other schools translate to the applicable courses at Columbia College Hollywood.

If you are transferring from another school and would like us to develop a Transfer Equivalency report for you or if you are a higher education administrator and you would like us to develop a transfer template for your institution, please contact us and we would be happy to do so.

Keys To A Successful Transfer

  1. You must complete the course you wish to transfer with a satisfactory grade per our transfer requirements.

  2. Confer with the Office of the Registrar at CCH for an evaluation of what courses will transfer.

  3. You may apply to CCH at any time while you are enrolled in the program at your school or at any time thereafter.  Upon review by the CCH Office of the Registrar, you will receive transfer credit for CCH based on our transfer credit scale.

  4. With your application to CCH, you must also provide Official Transcripts from your other institution.

Emphasis Selection

Your eligibility for a course will depend on whether you have completed the prerequisites (if any) for that course. The courses that CCH recognizes you as having completed are the courses that will be listed on the transfer template or your Transfer Equivalency report.

If you have not yet decided which Major and Emphasis to pursue at CCH, you can refer to our Degree Emphases listings and note which courses you will need to take and make your course selections accordingly. Transfer credit units in the area of Emphasis are subject to approval by the Dean of the College and in some instances, students may be required to pass a written, oral, or practical examination to receive such credit, or to present published proof of course details (e.g., course syllabus).

Professional or Life Experience is not applicable towards transfer units.  CCH does not assign unit credit for professional or life experience though they can, at the discretion of the Dean of the College, be used to waive required courses and prerequisites.

If you have other questions that have not been answered, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you.