To simplify your search for scholarships, we’ve compiled a list of different national resources to help you in your search for college funding and to help you get that extra step closer to financing your education at Columbia College Hollywood. In additional to the listed national resources, remember to search locally for college money. Try asking local businesses, your church, civic groups, labor unions, high schools, clubs, organizations, homeowners associations, private charities, your parent’s places of employment or even your own employer. Most importantly, keep in contact with your Columbia College Hollywood financial aid advisor. He or she may know of other scholarship opportunities for which you might be eligible. You can reach the office at (800) 785-0585. In order to receive a scholarship, you may be required to write an essay, pass an exam or complete a project. Many have deadlines and time-sensitive restrictions that need to be followed and they may require a minimum GPA while in college to have your scholarship renewed. Many scholarships offered are based on one or more of the following criteria: financial need, academic merit, area of study, creative samples, and accomplishments. Make sure to read all of the details when applying. Additionally, some scholarships require you to first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid which you can do at


Spring Scholarship Program

To support the passionate and driven content creators of tomorrow, Columbia College Hollywood introduces the Spring Scholarship Program. If you are ready to make a commitment to life as an artist, storyteller, and filmmaker this Spring, you can take advantage of up to $16,000 in scholarship funds by enrolling to start your education on April 3, 2017. Learn More Here


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Scholarship Search Websites







Film, Art, Writing & Entertainment Scholarships:

The Los Angeles Area High School Filmmakers Scholarship
Scholarship Brochure
Scholarship Application

The Charles & Lucille King Film/TV Scholarship

The Scholarship Art & Writing Award

Fred Rogers Memorial Scholarship

Entertainment Blogging Scholarship

Kodak/University Film and Video Foundation Scholarship


Veterans Scholarships:

Military Scholarship Search Engine

Wal-Mart Foundation Scholarships:


California Student Scholarships:

The Ebell/Flint Scholarship

California Student Grant

Marin Education Fund


Minority & Gender Scholarships:

Ronald McDonald House

American Indian College Fund

The Gates Millennium Scholars

World Studio AIGA Scholarship

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Leage of United Latin American Citizens Scholarship

Asian & Pacific Islander Scholarship Fund

Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship

Ron Brown Scholar Program