Tuition & Fees

Annual Tuition and Fees

The annual cost of tuition and fees is dependent on whether a student chooses to attend full-time or part-time.  The following annual schedule of tuition and fees represents the annual cost a student can expect to pay each year based on their enrollment selection of either full-time or part-time attendance.  

Students who choose to attend full-time generally take 3 or 4 courses per academic term (12 or 16 credit units).  Students who choose to attend part-time take 2 courses per academic term (8 credit units).  Although students may register for 12 credit units and still be considered full-time, enrolling in only 12 credit units per academic term will lead to an estimated graduation timeline exceeding 5 years. Enrolling in 16 credit units per academic term is the standard full-time enrollment selection to graduate in 4 years. Enrolling in 16 credit units is also the most cost efficient method to obtain a bachelor's degree because it limits additional expenses for housing and related costs which helps keep student loans to a minimum.

Students must attend at least half-time in order to receive federal financial aid.

Annual Tuition & Fees
BFA Cinema, BFA Cinema-Television, and AFA Cinema-Television

(Effective Fall 2017)
Number of Credits Per Quarter Full-time (16 credit hours) Full-time (12 credit hours) Part-time (8 credit hours)
Annual Tuition $24,000.00 $18,000.00 $12,000.00
Production Insurance Fee $345.00 $345.00 $345.00
Student Accident Insurance Fee $150.00 $150.00 $150.00
Annual Total $24,495.00 $18,495.00 $12,495.00

Annual Tuition & Fees
BFA Graphic Design + Interactive Media and BFA Visual Effects

Number of Credits Per Quarter

Full-time (16 credit hours) Full-time (12 credit hours) Part-time (8 credit hours)

Annual Tuition

$24,000.00 $18,000.00 $12,000.00
Student Accident Insurance Fee $150.00 $150.00 $150.00
Annual Total $24,150.00 $18,150.00 $12,150.00

We recommend that new students and parents use our New Student Estimated Billing Worksheet as a tool in order to determine the out-of-pocket costs you might incur to attend Columbia College Hollywood.

Quarterly Tuition

Columbia College Hollywood bills tuition and fees at the beginning of each academic quarter. Effective Fall 2017, tuition cost per credit unit is $500.00.  For students who start attending in Summer 2017, the cost per credit unit is $455.00.  The only additional fee charged to Cinema and Cinema-Television students is a quarterly Production and Student Accident Insurance Fee of $165.00 per academic quarter. 

Graphic Design + Interactive Media students and Visual Effects students are charged the Student Accident Insurance Fee of $50.00 every quarter. An additional Production Insurance fee of $165 per quarter will be charged only when enrolled in certain production courses.

Schedule of Administrative Fees (Non-Refundable)

Admissions Application Fee


Housing Application Fee


Transcript – Standard Fee


Transcript - Rush Fee


Equipment Abandonment Fee (per item)


Degree Petition/Diploma Replacement Fee


Production Insurance Fee (quarterly)


Student Accident Insurance Fee (quarterly)


Health Insurance (optional) – monthly


Deferred Payment Plan Processing Fee


Late Payment Fee (monthly)


Late Equipment Return Fee (per item per day)


NSF Check Fee/Returned ACH deposit fee


Late Registration Fee


*Note: Tuition and fees are subject to change with 30 days notice.  

Comparable Program Information

To receive comparable program information related to tuition and program length, contact:

WASC Senior College and University Commission
985 Atlantic Avenue #100
Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 748-5001

Payment Due Dates

Tuition Due Dates

Tuition and related fees for each quarter are due and payable no later than Monday on the second week of classes except for students on full financial aid.

Deferred Tuition Program

Columbia College Hollywood offers a deferred tuition plan that allows students to pay three equal payments of their tuition balance on set dates during the academic quarter. Deferred tuition arrangements may be made by contacting the Finance Office prior to the end of the second week of classes. All students electing to pay tuition on a deferred basis will be assessed a one time $50.00 processing fee, and any payment received after the respective due date will incur an additional $25.00 late fee. Students who have not made a payment by the second week of classes will automatically be enrolled in the deferred payment plan. Any student who fails to make a tuition payment on time may have their enrollment suspended and be denied admission to his or her classes until payment is submitted.

Housing Due Dates

Quarterly housing payments are due in full 30 days prior to the first day specified in your housing contract.  For students who wish to defer housing payments, students have the option of paying on the 1st day of each month, similar to traditional rent arrangements.  Students wishing to pay in this manner are assessed a one-time $50.00 processing fee, and students moving into housing for the first time are required to pay the first month’s rent payment in advance.  Any future payments received after the 5th day of the month will incur an additional $25.00 late fee. All tuition and housing administrative fees that are assessed are nonrefundable.

Veterans Benefits – GI Bill

Columbia College Hollywood has been approved for the training of Veterans and eligible persons.  The college is also an approved Yellow Ribbon program participant and approved by the California State Veterans Education Association.  Please visit the VA website at or call 1-888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551) for information on your eligibility and how to obtain your certificate of eligibility.

For more information please visit our VA Information Page.

Refund Policy

Columbia College Hollywood uniformly applies the following refund policies to all students enrolled in all academic programs and reserves the right to modify these policies in order to remain in compliance with any changes in applicable laws, regulations, and standards of accreditation.

Student's Right to Cancel

You have the right to cancel enrollment in a program of instruction at Columbia College Hollywood at any time by submitting a written notice of enrollment cancellation to the Student Services Department in person, by electronic mail, or by standard mail. The date of cancellation is defined as the date of receipt of the written notice. If you send the written notice of cancellation by mail, properly addressed and with the correct postage, the cancellation is effective on the date postmarked.

Enrollment Cancellation Refunds

If you request cancellation of this enrollment agreement through attendance at the first class session or the seventh (7th) calendar day after enrollment, whichever is later, you are entitled to a refund of all monies paid less enrollment and administrative fees not to exceed $250.00.

Withdrawal Refunds

If you choose to withdraw or are dismissed after attendance has begun and prior to completing 60% of the scheduled hours in an academic quarter or payment period, you are entitled to a pro-rata refund of tuition paid based on the last date of recorded attendance. If you withdraw after completing more than 60% of the academic quarter, tuition is considered fully earned by the college and no refund is given. For the purposes of determining a refund for cancellation, the date of your withdrawal shall be deemed the last date of recorded attendance. 

You will be deemed withdrawn from a program of instruction when any of the following occurs:

  • You submit a written notice of enrollment cancellation to the Student Services Department in person, by electronic mail, or by standard mail. A written notice of cancellation, if sent by mail, is effective when postmarked if properly addressed with proper postage.
  • The college terminates your enrollment for reasons including, but not limited to, failure to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), failure to abide by the rules and regulations of the college, absences in excess of the maximum set forth by the college, and/or failure to meet financial obligations to the college.
  • You fail to return from a leave of absence.
  • You fail to attend classes for 14 consecutive days.

The total refund amount is calculated as the daily charge for the quarter (the total tuition and course fees charged for your enrolled quarter divided by the number of days in the quarter) multiplied by the number of days in the quarter that you attended or were scheduled to attend prior to the date of withdrawal. Deductions from that amount include administrative fees not to exceed $250 and replacement costs for college-owned equipment not returned in good condition. Tuition is considered fully earned by the college when you have completed 60% or more of the quarter. All refunds will be paid within 45 calendar days of the last date of recorded attendance.

If your student account has an outstanding debt for 120 calendar days or longer, it will be sent to an outside collection agency. Collection costs including attorney’s fees, court costs, agency commissions, and other assessments incurred to collect the unpaid account balance will be added to your student account balance. Banking fees such as, but not limited to, returned check fees or wire transfer fees are added to your liability in all cases. If any portion of your tuition was paid from the proceeds of a loan or third party, the refund shall be sent to the lender, third party or, if appropriate, to the state or federal agency that guaranteed or reinsured the loan. Any amount of the refund in excess of the unpaid balance of the loan shall be first used to repay any student financial aid programs from which you received benefits, in proportion to the amount of the benefits received. Any remaining amount shall be paid to you. If you have received federal student financial aid funds, you are entitled to a refund of moneys not paid from federal student financial aid program funds.

Return of Title IV Funds

The law specifies how Columbia College Hollywood must determine the amount of Title IV program assistance that has been earned if a federal student aid recipient withdraws from school. The Financial Aid Department will perform a Return of Title IV Funds calculation when a recipient of Title IV federal student financial aid withdraws or is dismissed from a program. This process ensures that the institution correctly calculates the amount of federal student financial aid earned by the student and returns any unearned funds back to the respective federal student financial aid program(s). In some cases, the student will be required to return unearned Title IV funds. In addition, the Return of Title IV process may result in the student owing the school for unpaid tuition and fees. It is highly recommended that the student speak with a Financial Aid Advisor prior to withdrawing to gain an understanding of the implications of that decision. The portion of Title IV funds a student is allowed to retain is calculated on a percentage basis by comparing the total number of days completed in the quarter, before the student withdrew from the program, to the total number of days in the quarter. Once the unearned portion of the return of funds has been calculated, the Financial Aid Department will return the aid to the appropriate federal student financial aid program(s) within 45 days of the date of determination that the student withdrew. 

Unearned Title IV funds will be returned to the federal student aid programs in the following order:

  1. Unsubsidized Direct Loan
  2. Subsidized Direct Loan
  3. Direct PLUS
  4. Federal Pell Grant
  5. Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant

The student will not be allowed to re-enter, register, or receive an official academic transcript until the outstanding balance has been paid in full. 


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