Career & Alumni

At CCH we believe our responsibility to our students doesn't end at the classroom door. We are determined to help every single one of our students find a place in the industry. With a 60 year tradition of excellence our students have proven to us that they are ready to lead the film industry if we give them the opportunites they need.

Career Development

CCH offers a variety of career development opportunities. Resume preparation, career workshops, and career counseling are open to students throughout the school year.


Internships are important to us at CCH. With strong relationships to local companies, we provide a variety of both paid and unpaid internships in many areas of the industry.

Film Festivals

Nothing is more fun than a film festival, and CCH has a lot of them. Festivals give students the unique opportuity to share their work with the world.

Industry Resources

At CCH we are committed to helping our students succeed. We offer numerous industry resources including job listing databases and career transitioning help.


CCH alumni have worked in all areas of the film industry setting a standard of excellence for our college.

Alumni Credits

CCH Alumni have worked on a variety of well known flims and television shows around the globe. From acting, to producing, to editing, we are proud to say our alumni have been a part of it all.

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Fulfill your employment needs. Connect with one of our students or alumni by using some of our resources.

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