Student Career Development


Career Development is an important part of student life at Columbia College Hollywood.  The Career Development Office understands the unique expectations entertainment companies have when it comes to hiring film and television artists.  We therefore offer a variety of individual services including career counseling, career workshops, resume preparation and interview skills fine-tuning, academic major selection, internship and full-time job assistance and graduate school application review. In short, our mission is to assist you in putting your training and degree to work in the entertainment industry.

Major Selection

Columbia College Hollywood freshmen must declare a major by the end of their sophomore year. Transfer students transferring in as juniors must declare a major immediately. The Career Development Office is available to assist you with the major selection process. We offer career assessments to help clarify interest factors as they relate to majors and careers. If you’re having trouble deciding on a major, think about what part of the business most interests you. Are you more of a visual person (cinematography) or more of a process person (producer)? Do you prefer the regularity of a week to week job (television) or do you prefer working project by project (film). Or perhaps a dual emphasis (writer-director, cinematographer-editor) is the right choice for you. Whatever your ultimate path, we are here to help you in the selection process. Also, take time to talk with others in the business including friends, past teachers, your Academic Advisors and others to receive their input about which majors they think would best suit you. 

Career Counseling

In-depth assistance is provided for students who want to clarify career direction or determine occupations of interest in film and television production. We meet with you one-on-one to determine what interests you, what motivates you and what inspires you in order to tailor your personal career strategy. You may think you already know the answers to these questions but our meeting can often help you clarify your interests, which in turn helps to point you in the right career direction. Together we discover the optimum path, from which internship to pick to what networking events to attend, in order to help you to begin building your career even before you graduate. Ultimately, our goal is to help you connect what you know about yourself to potential careers and to help you make an informed choice about where you want to start your life after CCH. 

Career Workshops

In addition to individual career counseling, the CCH Career Development Office offers informative, extensive career workshops every quarter that help you learn how to build and maintain your resume, craft a winning cover letter, create your sizzle or “demo” reel, network to build your contacts, and even how to fundraise for your student films. 

Resume Preparation and Interview Fine-Tuning

The Career Development Office also offers assistance to current students and alumni by reviewing the content and presentation of resumes, cover letters and sizzle reels of your film work that serve as your visual resume in the industry.  Your resume and your sizzle reel (in the case of director, editor or cinematographer) are your calling card and the most effective way to get noticed.  Our goal is to help you make your job seeking tools stand out from the pile so you can get that quality internship, crew job or full time position.

We also prepare you for your job or internship interview by teaching you best business practices.  We give you tips on how to dress for the big meeting, how to conduct yourself in the interview chair, what kinds of questions they’ll most likely ask you, and how best to follow up to land the position. 

Graduate School Application Review

If graduate school is in your future, we help by assisting you with the application process.  We help by recommending schools to apply to, recommending grad school test prep services, reviewing your personal essay, helping you pick the best people to write your letters of recommendation and reviewing your overall application.