Apply For Student Work-Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a program providing part-time employment to college students who must work to pay for their studies. Students must apply for FWS employment and are approved and assigned jobs by the CCH Work-Study Coordinator.   CCH utilizes students under both FWS programs and non-FWS programs.  All FWS and non-FWS jobs are need-based. The Federal government allocates funds to colleges to pay for FWS student work-study earnings and CCH contributes funding for non-FWS jobs.  Jobs throughout campus are allocated based on the recognized need for additional staff in those departments, and off-campus work study jobs usually involve tutoring grade school students and must be with non-profit schools, organizations or public agencies.  Domestic students will only be considered for work-study by completing the FAFSA. You must also have completed a minimum of one academic quarter at CCH to be eligible for student work-study.

Students are assigned to work-study jobs based on the following priority:

A. International Students
B. Students who are Military Veterans
C. Students on Financial Aid who receive Pell Grant funding
D. Other Students on Financial Aid who have a demonstrated need
E. All other enrolled students

Additional guidelines are as follows: 

  1. Before seeking a work-study position, a student must receive an award letter with a work-study award from their financial aid coordinator (please see the CCH work study coordinator or your financial aid coordinator for more information.)  A work-study award is not a guarantee of a work-study job but simply a notation of eligibility.  You must still apply for a work-study position which you can do below.  Incomplete applications or applications which contain errors will not be processed.

  2. Students must be enrolled on an at least half-time basis and may not work during their own scheduled class hours. Students must also show Satisfactory Academic Progress and have a minimum 2.0 GPA at all times in order to stay on FWS.

  3. Students may work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year.

  4. Students are paid a minimum of $10.50/hour.

  5. Students may not work more than 6 consecutive hours without taking an unpaid half-hour break.

  6. FWS pay periods are bi-weekly and timesheets must be submitted in accordance with that schedule.

  7. Work-study earnings may not exceed the amount of Federal Work-Study on the student’s award letter and the amount on the award letter is the based on a 20 hour/week schedule for the academic quarter.  Most students will earn less than the amount on their award sheet.

  8. FWS students are only paid for hours worked and will not be paid for sick, vacation or holiday time. Overtime is rarely paid and if authorized, must be approved in advance by the Business Office.

  9. Students who have had disciplinary issues in the classroom, housing or other campus activities, are unlikely to be considered for workstudy jobs.

  10. FWS earnings are fully taxable. The College issues a W-2 to the student at the end of the calendar year that reflects all earnings for that calendar year.

  11. Students who are hired for work-study jobs must sign and agree to the terms of the CCH Student Worker Employment Agreement.  Once completed, the Agreement and all forms must returned to the Business Office with a copy of a current Driver’s License and Social Security Card. A valid passport is also acceptable. Students who violate the terms of the Student Worker Employment Agreement risk losing their work-study job.

To apply for Work Study, please click HERE