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Welcome to Columbia College Hollywood, the premier college for students who want a hands-on education in Film, Television, New Media and the Digital Arts. With a state-of-the-art facility, an accomplished faculty featuring Emmy and Academy Award nominees and winners, an abundance of employment partners, and a strong alumni and mentoring network, your opportunity is here at CCH. You'll work with professionals who share your passion and connect you first-hand with the craft and business of the entertainment industry.

Our role is to help you develop your voice and to provide you with the technical know-how to excel – be it as a Director, Writer, Actor, Cinematographer, Producer, Editor, Sound Professional, Animator, or as a professional in the entertainment business. We teach it all. And you get a chance to do it all, with your distinctive edge. CCH is a place where you will see your talents grow and where your creative spirit is held in the highest esteem. This is where you will make your first professional connections, and perhaps most importantly, fine-tune your original voice – what's unique about you – so you can enter the Real World triumphantly and confidently.

Campus Events

The Girl in the Woods

Student Story

Jared Nigro

"I attended their High School Summer Film workshop and fell in love with the school's facilities, instructors, and equipment."

Campus Events

American Sweetheart

Student Story

Ashely DiGiacomo

"I really like the small class sizes; I can email or talk to my instructors whenever I need to."

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