Campus Safety

Campus Security Policy And Crime Statistics Act Compliance

Columbia College Hollywood commits itself to providing for the safety and security of its community – students, faculty, staff, and visitors – and to best assist its community in providing for their own safety and security.

Towards this important obligation, the Campus Security Office along with appropriate members of the staff annually prepares a Campus Security and Crime Statistics Report. This report is prepared in cooperation with local law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction of the campus, any alternate sites, and surrounding areas.

Campus crime, arrest, and referral statistics consist of those reported to Campus Security as well as designated campus officials including, but not limited to: deans, directors, department heads, student affairs personnel, and advisors to students and student organizations. Statistics reported to local law enforcement agencies are integrated as well. These statistics may include crimes that have occurred in private residences or businesses not required to be included by law.

Each year a printed notification of the Campus Security and Crime Statistics Report is made available to all enrolled students, current faculty members, and current staff, and is distributed to their campus mailboxes and posted on widely read message boards. Copies of this Report may be obtained at the Campus Security Office, the office of the Compliance Officer (institutional research), or by calling (818) 345-8414.

California law (California Penal Code: 11160) requires prompt, mandatory reporting to local law enforcement by health care practitioners when they provide medical services to a person they know or reasonably suspects is suffering from wounds inflicted by a firearm or is a result of assaultive or abusive conduct.

Columbia College Hollywood Counseling and Psychological Services staff informs their clients of the procedures to report crime to the Campus Security on a voluntary or confidential basis, should they feel it is in the best interest of the client. A procedure is in place to anonymously capture crime statistics disclosed confidentially during such a session.

All Campus Security authorities have an obligation to forward to the appropriate outside authorities information on offenses reported to them for inclusion in the Campus Security and Crime Statistics Report. The designation of “authority” in this context not only includes the Campus Security Officers, but also resident advisors in housing, student activity coordinators and faculty advisors and others who have relevant interactions.

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Annual Campus Security Report