Student Profiles

Here are a few profiles of current & former students and alumni who have launched their futures in visual storytelling at Columbia College Hollywood.

Pepa Albornoz

Pepa is a graduate of CCH. Her goal is to direct original films that hold social relevance. Click here to view her experience!

Ashley DiGiacomo

Ashley is a Freshman at CCH who enjoys producing, acting, and visual design. She hopes that in the upcoming years she'll be able to choose between the three! Click here to view her profile.

Julian Chain

Julian is a directing/production major at CCH. He found that CCH fit all of his academic needs and is quickly becoming his home.

Cory Peterman

Cory is a directing student who wants to create films of all different genres. With a number of favorite classes, he is on his way there!

Jared Nigro

Jared has been with CCH since his high school days! Participating in CCH's high school program, he fell in love!

Kelly Lokken

Kelly chose CCH because of its great commitment to quality education without a great commitment to high tuition. See what else Kelly has to say!

Porcelain Brisbon and Pure Brisbon

Porcelein and Pure new CCH was right for them after seeing its location and equipment. Could this be your reason too?

Samantha Amoros

"CCH really does offer hands-on training right away..." Check out the rest of Samantha's quote in her profile.

Karin Binanto

Karin has big dreams after CCH. Just what are they? Take a look at the "personal vision" section of her profile to find out.

Jahmel Holden

Jahmel Holden—World Traveler. Jamel is a Cinematography major here at CCH who wants to go places no one else has and share his experiences with the world.