Jared Nigro

Awards: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Internship Grant

Internships: ABC Productions (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

Graduated: 2013

Degree: BFA Cinema-Television

Emphasis: Writing

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Why I chose CCH: “I chose CCH because of their high school program. I attended their High School Summer Film workshop and fell in love with the school’s facilities, instructors, and equipment. I also really felt welcomed there because of the intimacy of small class sizes – everyone gets to know you and you get to know everyone on the CCH campus.”

Favorite classes: Comedy Improv, Sketch Comedy Writing, Feature Film Writing, Comedy Writing Workshop, TV Comedy writing. They all taught me the discipline of writing, the behavior of a professional writer, structure, and finding my own voice/perspective.

My personal vision: “I really want to write for television comedy. I enjoy sitcom, since I grew up watching TGIF on ABC, and have always found Conan, Letterman, and Bill Maher to be constant inspirations.”