Julian Chain


Graduated: 2014

Degree: BFA Cinema-Television

Emphasis: Producing

Hometown: Frankfurt, Germany

Why I chose CCH: “CCH fit my tuition budget and yet offers me all the resources I need. Plus, it’s in the L.A. area so I’m close to all the studios where the film and television magic happen. The class sizes are small so you know everyone and they know you. The teacher to student ratios are excellent, so I have good relationships with all my instructors. Also, the faculty are very helpful in offering career guidance since they are all in the industry, too.”

Favorite classes: Modern Business and Industry, Cinematography 1, Camera Essentials, Directing: From Casting Through Rehearsals, Editing Theory and Practice, Visual Design

My personal vision: “I want to become a working producer and director, with the intent to one day open my own production company.”