Pepa Albornoz

Awards: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Internship Grant

Internships: Out of the Blue Productions (Sid Ganis), Smokehouse Productions (George Clooney), Seed Productions (Hugh Jackman)

Graduated: 2011

Degree: BFA Cinema-Television

Emphasis: Directing

Hometown: Maracaibo, Venezuela

Why I chose CCH: “I considered other L.A. area film schools, but they didn’t have equipment centers with equipment readily available to students and most seemed to be mostly theory film schools. I already know a lot of film theory due to my first degree in mass communications, so I really needed to know practical application and how to actually make a film. When I found Columbia College Hollywood, I fell in love with the campus which has the essentials of a mini-studio lot where I could get my hands on equipment and start shooting. Also, the application process is more streamlined than in other colleges and universities, and the student body feels like family which makes networking here very easy.”

Favorite classes: Directing Actors, Development: From Acquisition To Green Light, Visual Design, Script Analysis, History of Critical Analysis, MP History: British Films

My personal vision: “I want to write and direct my own films that hold social relevance.”