Porcelain Brisbon and Pure Brisbon

Awards: National Society of High School Scholars for graduating high school at 16 years old

Graduated: 2014

Degree: BFA Cinema-Television

Emphasis: Producing

Hometown: Beverly Hills, CA

(Porcelain) Why I chose CCH: “I was looking at some other schools, like Pepperdine and Biola, but as soon as I saw the campus, equipment and facilities, I just loved it. This is a working mini-studio lot! Everything is functional and ready to actually shoot films. The instructors are great, they are nurturing and you really learn a lot from them.”

(Pure) Why I chose CCH: “The other film school I looked at was Full Sail in Florida and I decided that I needed to be in Hollywood where the bulk of the entertainment industry is. Also, when I learned the class sizes were small I knew that meant I’d better access to materials and the instructor’s time.”

(Porcelain) Favorite classes: Principles of Production, Visual Design, Editing Theory and Practice

(Pure) Favorite classes: Editing Theory and Practice, Principles of Production

(Porcelain) My personal vision: “I’m thinking about producing for motion picture on the business side and also making movies that change people’s perpectives on life.”

(Pure) My personal vision: “I want to make inspirational films that help uplift my audiences, and I’d really like to use my films to help abused children in some way.”