Samantha Amoros

Internships: Varsity Pictures/”Sonny With A Chance”

Graduated: 2011

Degree: BFA Cinema-Television

Emphasis: Producing

Hometown: Northbridge, MA

Why I chose CCH: “CCH really does offer hands-on training right away. The producing classes take you through the whole, complex producing process in a very relatable way, from what to look for in material to how to find investors and even how to get a studio green-light for production. The class schedule is convenient for me, and there are a lot of night classes so that I’m free for internships and production gigs during the day. Also, the students here are tightly knit, very cooperative and teamwork oriented, rather than cut-throat and competitive. I know I’ll be working with my classmates throughout my career in the entertainment industry.”

Favorite classes: Visual Design, Producing: Green-light to Completion, Film Financing

My personal vision: “I’m planning to be on the business side of the industry, dealing with film and TV financing on a studio and network level.”